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Welcome to A perfect place to start an evening, when you’re looking for great food and restaurant experiences in California. you’ll find an eclectic collection of restaurants from fine dining to sandwich shops recommended by a diverse group of co-hosts. We are not professional restaurant reviewers; we are just folks like you, who live, work and travel throughout California and spend a good portion of our lives in a quest for the next great meal. you’ll find biographies on each co-host so you can get to know the people who are recommending the restaurants. In time, you’ll learn our individual likes and dislikes and see how each of us meshes with your own personal tastes. you won’t find any negative reviews. In fact, you won’t find reviews at all. What we list are recommendations. If it isn’t good enough to recommend to your closest friend you won’t find it here. co-hosts do not accept free meals from any of the restaurants we recommend and we do not accept payment from any restaurant in exchange for listing. We also do not allow postings by the general public. So you can be sure no restaurant owner is loading up the list with favorable notices for his or her own spot or negative comments about the competition.

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Larry Levine