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Shoki Ramen House

2675 24th St
Sacramento, CA 95818 | Map
(916) 454-2411

If youíve been to noodle houses in Japan, youíll be bowled over by the authenticity and unbelievable flavors found at Shoki Ramen.

Itís a hole-in-the-wall with little ambiance but the super friendly staff has created an atmosphere thatís warm and comfortable. Sometimes you can grab a quick lunch or dinner, however the secret is out and most of the time thereís a line. But things move pretty quickly.

On rainy days, or when you just want soup, youíll be glad you made the trip to Shoki Ramen. The noodles are fresh, delicious and cooked to your specifications, nourishing soup made from scratch with enough toppings to accommodate anyoneís taste. The sushi or curry isnít bad either, but I generally stick with the soup. Itís cash only.



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