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Art's Delicatessen

12224 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604 | Map
(818) 762-1221

One of the delis that has pushed L.A. to the top of the ranking of deli cities in the U.S. This place smacks of the feel of some of the great old Manhattan delis of yesteryear. And so does the menu. This clearly is a deli, not a coffee shop passing itself off as a deli.

The smoked fish are tops and served in generous portions. The deli meats are piled high on rye bread and are fresh and moist. The plated entrees Ė brisket, corned beef and cabbage, hot turkey, etc. Ė fill the platter and the stomach.

Thereís a distinct family feel to this deli and thatís because itís family owned and family run. Itís been around since 1957 and draws heavy crowds throughout the day. Itís a hot spot for the San Fernando Valley political crowd.

While Iíve called Brentís the best deli in California and maybe even the nation, Artís is right up there as a serious competitor. Both are in the San Fernando Valley. Lucky Valleyites.



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