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Pho 79

29 S. Garfield Ave.
Alhambra, CA 91801 | Map
(626) 289-0239

Restaurants serving wonderful Vietnamese dishes have been opening up on the San Gabriel Valley for the past 10 years. By far, Pho is the most popular dish in these restaurants.

Pho 79 is one of the busiest restaurants in the Alhambra area (They also have locations in Garden Grove and Westminster). Located in the heart of the city‘s entertainment district, it is a Mecca for evening shoppers and moviegoers. Don’t let the commercial, strip mall location fool you, however. It’s a well-known destination point. It has a very loyal following of all ages and ethnicities.

For such a bustling restaurant, the service at Pho 79 is wonderful. Besides the Pho, the menu includes many French influenced dishes. A variety of rice dishes, sandwiches, as well as pork and meat entrees are very popular. I go for the famous Pho Gau, a rice noodle soup with chicken, mint and onions, one of the most popular items on the menu. Pho is wonderful anytime you are struck with the urge for a hearty soup to get you going. It’s particularly good on a rainy day, but we don’t get many of those in the L.A. area. The special fried rice is also very good. It is a combination of fresh seafood, pork and chicken served on a bed of flavorful rice.

Parking is convenient in the city owned lot in the rear of the restaurant. The ambiance is upbeat and welcoming. Pho 79 has a huge dining area with many 8-10 seat family tables. This place has lots of noise, friendly people, great service and good food. After dinner you can stroll over to the bars, ice cream shops or see a movie. Pho 79 is a wonderful place to start or end an evening or afternoon.



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