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Pie'n Burger

913 E. California Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91106 | Map
(626) 795-1123

This old time favorite in Pasadena is a must for, as its name suggests, hamburgers and pies. While these items are undoubtedly worth a visit, I must admit that my passion is for the pancakes. They have the best thin pancakes in the world – really.

My friend Art, former deputy for Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, introduced me to this family-operated joint 10 years ago. Pie’n Burger is a 50’s style restaurant with counter service and only a few tables. I eat there at least once a month – usually on weekends, with family and friends, or weekdays for business meetings.

Burgers at Pie’n Burger rate high on the list of the best in L.A. They also have wonderful pies that are baked fresh daily. Meringues are done at 10 a.m., while the others are available by 9 a.m.

Breads are baked on site and make a real morning treat. They’re also wonderful for the sandwiches they prepare for lunch. .

A nice added touch is the salsa on the table. It’s some of the best chile salsa I’ve had at a non-Mexican restaurant.

This is a very popular place. It is down the street from Cal Tech and the Pasadena financial district, a well-heeled residential community. Parking can be a little challenging and be prepared to wait a bit if you go during breakfast time. Both annoyances are quickly forgotten, however, once you taste the food.



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