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China Islamic Restaurant

7727 E. Garvey Ave.
Rosemead, CA 91170 | Map
(626) 288-4246

This is one of a handful of Chinese Islamic restaurants in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, which observe strict Islamic dietary laws, including the use of halal meats. In many respects, it seems like a typical San Gabriel Valley Chinese restaurant. But the specialties are from northwest China, an area peopled with ethnic minorities, including the Uighur.

While there is no pork on the menu, there are lots of lamb and oxtail dishes, as well as a great variety of poultry, seafood and vegetables. A specialty of the house is the sesame bread offered thick or thin. It’s an enormous platter of fresh flattish bread, fragrant and smothered in sesame seeds and takes 15 minutes to prepare. One order is enough for a table full of people.

Green onion pancakes are another house specialty. Regional lamb dishes include a hot pot stew, lamb with sa cha sauce, cooked with a brown sauce and cabbage, and Beijing-style moo shu lamb.

Prices are reasonable and portions are ample. The restaurant attracts a varied clientele, with lots of representation from L.A.’s diverse Muslim community. On one Sunday night, a popular family night, we saw women wearing saris, other women with their heads covered in hijabs accompanied by Middle Eastern men wearing caps, black Muslims wearing bow ties, Chinese families and others who contribute to L.A. wonderful multi-ethnic communities.



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