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Tai Chi Restaurant

2031 Polk Street
San Francisco , CA 94109 | Map
(415) 441-6758

When I turned the big 5-0, I wanted to have a party at which I could share with friends some of the best food I have tasted in my 30 years in San Francisco. I picked 15 dishes from 15 of my favorite restaurants. From Tai Chi Restaurant my selection was General Tso’s Chicken, not an unusual dish but one of unusual quality from this restaurant.

Tai Chi is not a fancy restaurant. It’s a neighborhood place to which you can bring friends and eat yourself into a food coma.

Some of my other favorite dishes at Tai Chi Restaurant include:

The Iron Plate – calamari, scallops and prawns serves sizzling in a prawn sauce, twice cooked pork, Hunan-Mongolian beef, walnut prawns, and sweet and sour pork.

Tai Chi Restaurant is located in what is known as Polk Gulch in San Francisco and is head and shoulders above lots of Chinese restaurants I have tried.



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