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176 N. Canon Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210 | Map
(310) 385-0880

Spago in Beverly Hills is the premier fine dining establishment of legendary chef Wolfgang Puck. With a Michelin two-star rating, Spago is airy and welcoming, with an open glassed kitchen, friendly staff and avant guard art that puts you at ease while also letting you know you are in a special place.

We have been to this restaurant many times for lunch or dinner. We love Spago, mainly because the cuisine always presents a fresh, creative interpretation of California haute cuisine. Whether ordering Wolfgang's edgy standards, or venturing into new seasonal offerings our experience has been consistently brilliant.

Spago's menu ranges from varied sauteed fish, steamed loup de mer, and roasted lamb and rabbit, to New York steak and veal chops, so there seems to be something for everyone, all imaginatively presented.

Being from an Austrian-Hungarian background, Janice loves the veal weiner schnitzel and the spicy beef goulash. The goulash is especially interesting because while each Austro-Hungarian family has its own recipe, Wolfgang's is amazing, touching on the familiar but taking the dish to a new orbit. This is characteristic of anything that is eaten here: the familiar is transformed into something entirely new by the brilliant combination of spices, seasonings and sauces.

Janice recently enjoyed a huge portion of the pan roasted chicken with wild field mushrooms served with goat cheese and yellow Finnish potato puree. The melding of the flavors was perfect.

Jim loved the thick cut calf's liver for lunch. When Wolfgang stopped by our table, Jim told him that he had not eaten calf's liver for 30 years. Wolfgang nonchalantly responded that he had the same dish for lunch yesterday. This wonderful calf's liver reminded Jim of Daniel Bouloud's fois grois – and it's calf's liver.

Sago elevates anything you eat to something unique and special. Lunch offerings include a grilled lobster club sandwich, a soft gruyere omelette with black trumpet mushrooms (another one of Janice's favorites), pizza, and inventive soups and salads.

And then there's dessert. We love the apple streudel and dobos tort, an Austrian chocolate tort with 12 or so really thin layers of chocolate cake.

Spago is a great place for a business lunch, a meal with friends, or a romantic night out. The atmosphere is inviting and relaxed. It’s expensive but you get what you pay for: creative food from a culinary legend in a beautiful place.



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