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AJ's BBQ Pit

3691 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90063 | Map
(323) 263-7427

Can you believe one of the best Southern BBQ restaurants in Los Angeles is located in the heart of East L.A.? Well, it’s true and you have to see it to believe it.

Jim, the owner of AJ’s BBQ Pit, is a former truck driver who experienced great barbecue throughout his career and believed he could do it better. The restaurant has been opened for two years and it’s a huge hit in the Mecca of Mexican food.

The St. Louis style ribs can compete with the best. All meats are slow cooked over an outdoor wood flame pit. Hamburger meat is freshly ground on site and the burgers are huge. All the sides are homemade. You can see the staff peeling potatoes and preparing the coleslaw.

In addition, AJ’s serves up a very special chile verde. The chef cuts fat from the pork ribs and slow cooks it to prepare the green chile and adds this item as an off menu treat for those who know about it.

For their homebody fans they have a wonderful small selection of Mexican food. But barbecue is the real reason to go to AJ’s. Parking can be tight and the place is jammed most nights.

If you are a sports fan, the owners’ second passion after cooking is sports. There is a wonderful wall exhibit of local college and professional sports team memorabilia. AJ’s has many TV sets for your favorite games while you eat a hearty meal.



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