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Alfred's Steakhouse

Last updated: 05/11/15

659 Merchant St
San Francisco, CA 94111 | Map
(415) 781-7058

San Francisco offers an array of restaurant options – from bright and lively to dark and cozy – from new and experimental to classic and traditional. However they present themselves, the odds of enjoyment are always better if you are prepared to appreciate what a restaurant does well.

Which brings me to Alfred’s Steakhouse, established in 1928 and a throwback to the old days of dining when a good meal meant a good steak.

Entering the restaurant, it’s not that hard to imagine Clark Gable or Spencer Tracy sitting at one of the red leather booths.

Others – both then and now – may have their own preferences to try at Alfred’s. Mine is about as traditional as I could imagine for a steakhouse: Balvenie Single Barrel Sherry Cask 15 year old Scotch, Caesar salad, rib eye medium rare cooked over Mexican mesquite charcoal and baked potato.

Everything was well paced – both the food service and someone checking on me at proper intervals.

And the food was perfect. Streak cooked as ordered. Potato hot and tasty. No surprises. What was on the menu is what I got. From first bite to last.

Some days I may want something trendier. A noisier atmosphere with more bustle. Bigger flavors. But this night it was time to relax and savor a meal from my past. Steaks and bakers. If that mood hits you as well, you will enjoy Alfred’s.



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