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Ocean Avenue Seafood

1401 Ocean Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90401 | Map
(310) 394-5669

One of the best assortments of oysters in the area, fresh seafood well prepared and the Pacific Ocean virtually across the street its so Los Angeles.

Ocean Avenue Seafood puts the lie to the old saw about having to go inland to get good seafood. So does the nearby The Lobster, which is recommended by atLarrys.

I happen to love oysters and this is one of the few places in L.A. that carries an assortment of oysters from Washington and British Columbia as well as a selection of East Coast oysters.

There are steaks and pastas on the menu. But this is a fish house Tasmanian trout, big eye tuna from Hawaii, red snapper from the Sea of Cortez, Alaskan black cod are just a few examples of the assortment of fish on the menu. Order the paella and the waiter will challenge you to finish it. I did.

After dinner, time permitting, think about a stroll to the amusement park on the nearby Santa Monica Pier.



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