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Whitey's Jolly Kone

Milk Shakes / Burgers
1300 Jefferson
West Sacramento, CA 95691 | Map
(916) 371-3605

Whitey’s Jolly Kone is an old-fashioned drive-in hamburger stand just off I-80 in West Sacramento. The grilled and fried choices are fine, but certainly not an explanation for the ever-present line of customers waiting on most days and early evenings during the summer.

All those folks are not there for a standard-issue chili dog. The big draw is the thick, seasonal fresh fruit milkshakes. These are old-fashioned, customized real-deal milkshakes made with ice cream, milk and fruit – a revelation for kids who have been raised on premade emulsified “shakes” from a dispenser at a place that advertises a running neon tally memorializing the billions of burgers they’ve served. At Whitey’s Jolly Kone, late June through September means fresh peach milkshakes, as close to a personal religious experience as most of us will ever have.

BONUS: As you drive up to Whitey’s, you’ll have a perfect opportunity to employ your California Zen mindset by remembering that the long line of people waiting for their made-to-order peach milkshakes is a GOOD thing.



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