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6245 West 87th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90045 | Map
(310) 410-8848

As I’ve said, I’m all about big flavor and the owner chef of this place definitely read the book. Tucked away on a little side street minutes from LAX, Ayara is a small, comfortable and clean place. Décor is pleasant enough, but I come here for the food, not the ambience.

I can truly say I’ve never had a mediocre meal here. Start with their house salad. It’s a must and easily serves two or three people. This combination of crisp lettuce, sliced hard boiled egg, tomato, onion, cucumber and flash fried tofu is topped with a tangy, creamy lime dressing with just a hint of heat— absolutely delicious! Kande practically licks the bowl trying to get every last drop.

They have all the standard Thai dishes here but their preparation is perfect. I happen to think their Prik King is the best I’ve ever had. A wonderful little dish of petite string beans served al dente in a light sauce that has a slight sweetness to it. Can’t say exactly what’s in it, (definitely ginger, red chilies, lime and lemongrass) but who cares? It’s fantastic. It can be spicy hot so order according to your heat threshold. Kande prefers mild and I go along with her on this dish. As with most of their offerings, it is ordered either with chicken, beef or shrimp. I prefer chicken with this flavor profile.

Pad See Ew is always on my order when I come here. It’s broad noodles and broccoli in a delectable soy and garlic sauce, with thin slices of chicken, beef or shrimp tossed in. One of my favorites! An abundance of curry-based dishes are available as well as numerous noodle bowls and soups. Their fried rice is a meal in itself and I have seen people do just that. If you couldn’t care less about your carb intake and have time for a nap afterwards…go for it. This steaming mound of rice, meat, chicken or shrimp, scallions and other ingredients and spices is topped with an entire egg that’s been expertly flash fried in a wok resulting is crispy edges and a soft yolk that once pierced, adds a layer of richness that will make you act like a lone child. No sharing!

Next time you’re in the mood for some seriously delicious Thai food, give this place a try. It will quickly become your “go to” place.



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