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Ye Olde King's Head Pub

English Pub
116 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401 | Map
(310) 451-1402

If you’re looking for an authentic English pub, look no further that this place. Quite the scene when I was introduced to it some 22 years ago, Ye Olde King’s Head has grown in size and popularity ever since. Now for those of you who like British style bangers and mash and shepherd’s pie, you won’t be disappointed, but I go there for one reason only…the fish and chips.

Kande and I rarely alter our routine when visiting the King’s Head. First, we’ll cozy up to the bar and order a pint of black and tan: a cold glass of half Bass and half Guinness, it’s so Brit.

Beer in hand, we make it to our table and order. The first plate to arrive is the Scottish Egg. Leave it to the Brits to invent this one. A hard-boiled egg wrapped in a ¼ inch thick coating of a sausage and bread concoction and then deep fried. Did I mention it was fried? Then it’s smothered in brown gravy. By the time I’m halfway through, my cholesterol level has hit code red and I’m still on the appetizer. Next stop? Welsh rarebit, an odd little creation that I understand was served when the man of the house returned from hunting empty handed. This is simply an English muffin topped with a saucy cheese and beer mixture. What can I say, it’s English. But it’s good.

Next comes the main attraction—the fish and chips. Huge pieces of Icelandic cod—light, flakey and whiter than fresh fallen snow—encrusted in crispy fried goodness. Did I mention it’s fried? Shake on all the malt vinegar you can handle and hold on. This is the real deal. Served with a generous side of chips (French fries), you’ll have to swear off fried foods for at least month afterwards. To be honest, I probably limit my visits to once a year because I hope to live well into my senior years. The fish comes in two sizes, Queen (one piece of fish) and King (2 pieces). Kande and I always split the king size as well as the Scotch egg and welsh rarebit and we leave quite content.

If you can walk afterwards, check out the pub portion of the establishment to throw some darts and drink until you’re hungry again.

Many consider Ye Olde King’s Head one of the best pubs in Los Angeles and I have to agree. Authentic and delicious, it’s a comfortable place that’s always lively and makes for a fun casual evening with friends.



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