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Wildfish Seafood Grille

1370 Bison Ave.
Newport Beach, CA 92660 | Map
(949) 720-9925

Wildfish is part of the Eddie V family of restaurants that originated in the Gulf Coast. But as you walk into this upscale place in Newport Beach you'll be more reminded of a higher-end Las Vegas hang-out. Guests are greeted by a helpful staff and interesting water feature. Lively bar action fronts a completely open kitchen and sushi bar.

This place prides itself not only on excellent seafood, but also serves Allen Brothers corn-feed meats from the Midwest. Each is so tasty that we are never sure which way to go for our entrees. Steaks are magnificent and reasonably priced in comparison to other name steakhouses.

The menu features a wide variety of fish appetizers including fresh sushi, sashimi, and Jonah crabs from New England. In season, the restaurant offers Florida stone crabs as an appetizer. The real standouts in seafood are the steamed Cantonese-style Chilean sea bass, which melts in the mouth, and the red snapper stuffed with Jonah crab in a lemon-butter sauce.



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