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India Sweets & Spices

22009 Sherman Way
Canoga Park, CA 91304 | Map
(818) 887-0868

A group of Indian grocery stores with cafes attached, serving vegetarian cuisine. This is one of a chain of restaurants. The Canoga Park location is our favorite. It’s buffet style with a wide range of appetizers, curries and rices that change daily. There’s a display case full of fresh chaat (Indian snack food, usually quite spicy) and Indian desserts (which tend to be really sweet).

They make excellent dhosas of all types, iddly's and chapatis, among other dishes. Prices are extremely reasonable. Food is served on styrofoam divided plates, which can be off-putting, but we’re willing to overlook that because of the quality of the food. Atmosphere is largely provided by the servers manning the steam table and the clientele, most of whom are South Asian.



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