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Ocean Seafood

750 North Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012 | Map
(213) 687-3088

One of the few Chinese restaurants left in Chinatown - always packed on weekends with crowds clamoring for Hong Kong-style dim sum. The carts clank down the aisles of massive banquet-sized rooms with a huge variety of offerings: Chinese broccoli, scallion pancakes, shu mai, pot stickers, steamed bao, pork spareribs, rice porridge, mango jelly. Duck feet, anyone?

You can hail a cart if it doesn't appear to be stopping near your table. If it's unclear what delectable is being served by peering into the steamer basket, you may be the lucky one-in-ten patrons to be served by a cart-lady whose English can be deciphered. Otherwise, take a chance. Huge fish tanks filled with fish, shrimp, and crabs can entertain the kids, as do the free balloons. Ocean Seafood always is packed with extended families.



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