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2040 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025 | Map
(310) 477-7242

Hide is a very small sushi restaurant in the Japanese Sawtelle corridor. The sushi bar seats about 12 and there are about a dozen tables. Decor is modest, with cherry blossom photos on the plastic lenses that cover the overhead lighting, carpeted walls (yes, really) and the requisite Happy Cats behind the sushi bar. There is a whiteboard where guests sign in, indicating whether they prefer the bar or a table.

No reservations are accepted and it’s cash only. There’s an ATM machine on site. It's always busy for lunch and dinner. The sushi is traditional, except for California rolls and a few other American-invented dishes. Fish is very fresh, well-prepared and incedibly reasonable. Particularly delicious is their hamachi (yellowtail), seared albacore, and salmon skin salad. In an area with diffiicult parking, Hide has a lot accessed from a driveway just north of the restaurant. They validate parking.



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