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Al's Place

13936 Main Street
Locke, CA 95690 | Map

Any list of Californiaís most interesting restaurants has to include Alís Place Ė locally known as Al the Wopís Ė located along a Sacramento River levy road in the historic town of Locke, the original ďchina town.Ē Built in 1915, and operated by Al Adami since 1934, Alís was the only non-Chinese business operating in the town of Locke. The town has dimmed over time, but Alís remains an iconic place thatís a rite of passage for anyone interested in California history or traveling through the Delta.

Alís has a short menu featuring its famous and affordable steak sandwich Ė more like a steak dinner with bread on the side Ė a great selection of local wines, including one of my favorites - the Old Vine Zinfandel from nearby Bogle Vineyards.

Served parlor-style on picnic tables with a bizarre array of condiments ranging from peanut-butter to chili-sauce, the atmosphere is very casual.

Donít be put off by the ďdiveĒ character of Alís Ė thatís part of the charm. The walls are covered with photos and posters and the ceiling is littered with dollar-bills that patrons have stuck there over Alís near-century of operation.

Itís the perfect place to relax with simple, hearty food at the end a wine tour of the Delta or if you take the back-roads from Sacramento to Napa/Sonoma Ė even a Sacramento River fishing trip (you can dock in a nearby marina.)



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