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545 Westminster Mall Drive
Westminster, CA 92683 | Map
(714) 898-5092

'S' Vietnamese Fine Dining is a very large stand-alone restaurant on the street-side edge of a large mall just off the 5 freeway in the Little Saigon district of Orange County. It’s modern décor is elegant, compared to most Vietnamese eateries in the area, and is a fine dining establishment.

The food is top notch, beautifully presented on the plate. Some dishes are traditionally Vietnamese, others are Asian with a twist. Entrees vary from Vietnamese “shaken” beef, to curried sea bass, to five spice duck confit, with prices in the mid $20 range, much higher than the typical Vietnamese café, but also made with high quality ingredients. The wine menu is better than expected at an Asian restaurant. The restaurant is divided into a number of sections and also has a large outdoor dining area. It’s clearly designed to handle wedding banquets and other festive occasions.



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